Talking Technology Tips

Talking Technology Tips

'I need a phone that can work well for me and my business'

Keeping up with the latest technology can seem overwhelming these days, here’s a few helpful tips to make it a little bit easier to make decisions on the product that’s right for you.  

Insurance tips

 Insuring your assets: computer and laptop insurance. After your home and a vehicle, computers are one of the most expensive investments you’ll make. For this reason it’s often a good idea to make sure your investment is insured against damage or theft.

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Computer locks

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Facial recognition is fast becoming the answer to keeping thieves from accessing your personal and professional files and anything on your computer if stolen. Here are a few articles and facial recognition sites to keep you upto date.

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Talking Technology Feeds

June 12th
GOOGLE is asking the Obama administration to allow it to disclose more details about the US government's closely guarded demands for emails.    
June 12th
GOOGLE is buying online mapping service Waze in a deal that will keep a potentially valuable tool away from its rivals.    
June 11th
EDWARD Snowden chose to leak state secrets on US government eavesdropping with a UK columnist who detests intrusions on privacy.    
June 11th
WHISTLEBLOWER Edward Snowden is a "hero" defending personal liberty says Julian Assange, but US politicians want him extradited from Hong Kong.    
June 11th
TROUBLED German carmaker Volkswagen has issued a recall on more than 25,000 cars sold in Australia.