Meet the Talking Technology Team

Move over all you fancy TV celebrities, the Talking Technology team are the real deal!

You’ll quickly notice that each Talking Technology episode features two presenters, but instead of just talking at you, our team take the time to explore different baby products and services and discuss options in detail. One presenter acts as host and customer advocate such as Keith Armitage. Keith is charged with getting the facts and asking all the pertinent "real" questions you have. And he keeps asking till he gets the answers you need from one of our independent Talking Technology Experts.

Talking Technology Expert is not just a fancy title; you’ll find that all our experts are qualified and experienced IT professionals, each with their own extensive background and of course each with an absolute passion for quality, value and all things “Technology”. They are all real people;they understand how important your communication within your personal and proffessional life is because they to have families, most are still actively employed within the industry, so they are up with the very latest in Technology product news. More importantly they cut through the jargon and marketing fluff and help you understand what really makes the difference between brand and product offers. They are strictly independent and will only feature in non-conflicting product episodes.

While you’re unlikely to find any of our Talking Technology guys and gals on the covers of a glossy TV gossip magazine, you will find they know and can talk passionately about a range of different IT/Technology related products.

As more episodes are produced our team will get bigger and you’ll be introduced to more members. Take some time to get to know a little about them from their brief bios listed below. If you have any questions about our team please send us a note via “contact us” and we’ll try and answer any of your queries’ as soon as possible.


Keith Armitage

Keith brings a special level of integrity to the Talking Technology team and you’ll see him featured in many of our upcoming programs. Keith is as down to earth as you can get and while you may recognise his face from a variety of TV roles, Keith is also a professional musician and acclaimed live performer boasting an impressive number of industry awards for his work in the music and entertainment industry. Keith’s work as an entertainer, entertainment writer and a passionate supporter of young emerging songwriters sees him deal with many people on a grass roots level. His honest and genuine connection with such a broad cross section of people over many years gives Keith the insights and coalface feedback to ask the real questions, and get the expert answers we all want to know.


Emma Lovell

You don't have to spend a long time with Emma to see her passion for her family. She’s had an extensive professional career and is always quick to scope out the best products and deals to benefit the wellbeing of herself and her family. Emma’s honest spirit makes her a great advocate for the consumer market. 


David Lowe

With over 14 years sales and executive management, David is a sound choice for relaying the questions that we all want to know. Especially when it comes to family, David’s passion for his family makes him perfect for this role as a consumer advocate. 


Mandy Scotney

While her career has since diversified into broader, more executive based roles, she is quick to admit that she still thrives on being able to connect to customers like herself and find ways to create truly delightful life experiences.  She has a passion for the benefits of living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle , and her drive is her family. 


Emma Williams

She’ll have an acute eye for finding the technology product providers to get the most for your family. 

Talking Technology Feeds

June 12th
GOOGLE is asking the Obama administration to allow it to disclose more details about the US government's closely guarded demands for emails.    
June 12th
GOOGLE is buying online mapping service Waze in a deal that will keep a potentially valuable tool away from its rivals.    
June 11th
EDWARD Snowden chose to leak state secrets on US government eavesdropping with a UK columnist who detests intrusions on privacy.    
June 11th
WHISTLEBLOWER Edward Snowden is a "hero" defending personal liberty says Julian Assange, but US politicians want him extradited from Hong Kong.    
June 11th
TROUBLED German carmaker Volkswagen has issued a recall on more than 25,000 cars sold in Australia.