About Talking Technology

About Talking Technology™

Talking Technology™ mini infotainment programs are powered by Talking Matters Group which has developed a range of innovative and new 3rd party independent product promotional programs  called InfoDialogues.  There's a Talking Matters program for Travel, Financial Services, Technology and Telecommunications, Baby products and even a program about Life in general.

There are plenty of advertisements and promotional messages out there trying to seduce you; all shouting at you for your attention, promising the world, claiming they are the best product or provider... You want to buy one of them, but who can you believe?, How do you choose? And why don't they answer the big questions you have?  

This is where Talking Matters' unique InfoDialogues step in to help by "Talking Technology".

Talking Technology is a fresh and new type of TV and on-line infotainment program designed specifically for customers looking for an easier way to make important purchasing decisions for a range of technology and telecommunications products and services. Everything from TV’s, Sound Systems, Air-conditioners and home appliances to Computers, Internet, networks, Mobile Phones and landlines... and everything in between.  

It’s a difficult process; complex, confusing, time consuming and can be expensive to buy with even bigger risks if you make the wrong decision.  There are plenty of good quality brands and offers from recognised companies including Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Retailers, On-Line traders... almost too many! The trouble is they all sound the same and they all tend to say they are the best.

While it may be hard to be a seller….the reality is it’s even harder to be a customer!!

Huge shifts in the market and media space over the last 10 years has had dramatic effect on customers…and sales.

In today’s over-crowded media market, customers are overwhelmed by an explosion of media channels and confused by the number of brands trying to sell them similar products. Combine that with a growing level of distrust and scepticism toward large companies, and its little wonder traditional 30-second TV advertising is no longer as effective.

That’s where we at Talking Matters™ can make a real difference.

Talking Matters is an exciting new TV based advertising approach that recognises traditional “high-value” customers are looking for an easier way to make purchase decisions

Through each of our mini-programs, our Customer Advocates are out and about in the real shopping world to give you a voice and raise the issues you have and ask your questions about a range of featured products and services from quality recognised brands. And our Qualified independant category experts answer your questions with the facts and information you need, plus pointing out how you can get more detail and what ways you can purchase.  

We all want to shop and even have to make important buying decisions almost every day, Talking Technology aims to help make that process easier. 

We ask the "real" (often pointy) questions, and get the expert answers you need – all the basic facts, detail, information and value about technology products and services and why it may be right for you.

And the Talking Technology website has follow up Fact Sheets, with plenty of extra information on any products, promotions and offers that may be available from one of our features providers. Best of all, we also include details, links and connections of all the different ways you can choose to actually buy the product if it meets your needs.

Talking Technology that helps make your buying decisions easier.


If you are a customer and want to find out more about any of the products we have featured you can click the Contact Us link to select the brand of interest.

Or if you are a business and would like to find out more about how Talking Technology could help you make a better connection to your customers you can, arrange for a presentation or meeting to discuss your business. To contact us click contact us.

Talking Technology Feeds

June 12th
GOOGLE is asking the Obama administration to allow it to disclose more details about the US government's closely guarded demands for emails.    
June 12th
GOOGLE is buying online mapping service Waze in a deal that will keep a potentially valuable tool away from its rivals.    
June 11th
EDWARD Snowden chose to leak state secrets on US government eavesdropping with a UK columnist who detests intrusions on privacy.    
June 11th
WHISTLEBLOWER Edward Snowden is a "hero" defending personal liberty says Julian Assange, but US politicians want him extradited from Hong Kong.    
June 11th
TROUBLED German carmaker Volkswagen has issued a recall on more than 25,000 cars sold in Australia.